Window Graphics

Window graphics are a useful way to advertise your location or even just to brighten up your shop front. A well designed graphic will promote your business and advertise what you have to offer. It should also function to grab the attention of passers-by and encourage them to stop to find out more about you.

Our graphics are available in a variety of formats to suit your needs. The vinyl material is not adhesive, but rather uses static electricity to cling to the windows. This has the benefit of not only reliable tack but also makes them easy to remove and replace as needed without leaving behind any residue. This is suitable to print signage or even just lettering.

The graphics are applied to the inside of windows and are visible from the outside. Double sided graphics are also available, visible from inside and outside. This is useful if you need to convey different messages to those entering and exiting your premises. A special layer lies between each side of the graphic so that one side is not visible from the other.

We can also supply special see through graphics, for a unique effect. They have a series of small holes and self adhesive backing and are suitable for external use on buildings or vehicles. The nature of the material means that the graphic is visible on one side only and is see through from the other side. This grants privacy to the inside of the window. In addition, these graphics reduce glare from the sun and harmful UV light.

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