Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic vehicle signs provide a excellent medium to advertise your business and services everywhere you go. The signs are flexible, resistant to the elements and stick to any magnetic surface. In addition they are versatile and multi-functional, meaning that they can be used and re-used very easily on different magnetic surfaces. This gives them an added benefit over vehicle wrapping, while also being much more affordable. Their easy application and removal also makes them inexpensive and convenient to replace, should you update your logo or contact details.

The material has been designed to withstand tough weather conditions and crucially, high winds, meaning that the graphics will stay fixed even when driving at high speeds. Despite their strong adhesion, the signs will not scratch or damage your vehicle. We can produce them in any shape or size to fit any model of vehicle. A slick designed sign not only gives your vehicle a makeover, but also grabs the attention of passers-by whether in motion or stationary, helping you effortlessly get more business through mobile advertising.


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magnetic vehicle signs

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