Terms & Conditions

Any requested changes to your proof, not specified with your original order, will incur a minimum re-set charge of €25.00 per artwork change. Additional fees for Complex changes will be quoted based upon requested amendments. Where clients supply their print-ready artwork and require us to make changes to that artwork a charge of €25.00 per artwork change will apply. Proof files are screen proofs and intended for checking content and modifications only. Please view at 100% output size. If you wish to proof both “print colour and stock type” please contact us to arrange a viewing appointment.


Please note, no job will be put into production until confirmation of the passed proof is received by Creative Design & Print from the client in writing via email. Final checking of artwork, including spelling, contact numbers, email & web addresses, etc, is the responsibility of the client. When the proof is signed-off for print, no responsibility will be taken by Creative Design & Print for any errors or omissions, or missed deadlines.


Please note that there are some differences in colour between your computer screen and colours produced by a printing press. This is because computer screens, scanners, and digital cameras use RGB colours – a combination of three colours: Red, Green, and Blue (this is called “RGB”). Inkjet and laser printers, while great for convenience, do not have the colour range of professional printing machines and should not be used as a colour reference point. Digital Printing Presses print full colour images using a different set of colours: Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow, and Black (this is called “CMYK”). Colours can vary between printing processes. If some of your materials are printed with a four colour digital press and others are printed by a traditional printing press using the Pantone Colour System, some of the colours may not match due to machine specification and output process. We print 99% of our work in full colour CMYK. However, if you wish to use Pantone-specific spot colours, please let us know. This process is more expensive and we will need to re-quote you. If you are concerned about colour, we recommend that you book an appointment to view a hard copy proof. If you require Pantone Colours, it will be necessary to get Cromalin Proof, but please note this process is expensive. However, a CMYK proof will be a good reference point but will not be a 100% match. You should also be aware that when printing on different media (paper/card/vinyl/PVC etc) and or where a laminate or varnish is applied to the product, there could be colour variances. This is out of the control of any print company and is considered to be within tolerance.


Please note that all Design & Artwork created by Creative Design and Print is the copyright of Creative Design and Print and shall remain the sole property of Creative Design and Print and may not be shared with third parties. All Artwork created by Creative Design and Print will bare the trademark of Creative Design and Print. Design Fees charged are based on the use of artwork for this project only and where Creative Design and Print produce the printed material. Please advise us at the quotation stage if you require Design only for use by a third party printer, in this case, full license design charges will apply and we will need to quote you on that basis. Design & Artwork is created solely for the project to which this proof relates and may not be reproduced in any other promotional material/newspaper advertising or website advertising. Where this design and artwork is required for reproduction in newspaper advertising or website advertising a JGP File can be created for a nominal fee of €15.00 plus vat. The fee is to cover our designer’s time in retrieving your le from our archives and preparing a JGP file.


Any logos, pictures, icons, or text files given, posted, emailed, or handed to Creative Design and Print for the purposes of printing or creating new designs and or print projects will be on the legal assumption of Creative Design and Print that the client has attained full copyright ownership and or that permission has been granted by the original creator of such designs, images, logos, photographs and copy to the client for use in any new print and design project that the client has engaged Creative Design and Print produce for the client providing such files. No legal action can be taken against Creative Design and Print if it is found the client does not hold the legal copyright or permission of use of files given to Creative Design and Print by the client.


We are not responsible for delays during transit. If we dispatch goods on your behalf, the goods become your property from the moment they leave our premises.