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Be sure your loved ones memory lives on forever with a beautifully designed Memorial Card, Bookmark or Acknowledgement Card.


Every Memorial Card or Acknowledgement Card is very personal and our team of designers can help you choose from our extensive range of designs or you can provide us with your own idea. You can supply an image (e.g. hobby, sport, pastime) that means something to your loved one.

All our Acknowledgement Cards and Memorial Cards and Bookmarks are finished with matt or gloss laminate.


To order, call in to our office or telephone 053 914 4264.


Click on the thumbnails below to see more details.


memorial_card_003 memorial_card_004 memorial_card_005 memorial_card_006 memorial_card_008 memorial_card_009 memorial_card_010 memorial_card_011 memorial_card_012 memorial_card_013 memorial_card_014 memorial_card_015 memorial_card_016 memorial_card_017 memorial_card_019 memorial_card_020 memorial_card_024 memorial_card_026 memorial_card_028 memorial_card_030 memorial_card_031 memorial_card_032 memorial_card_033 memorial_card_034 memorial_card_036 memorial_card_037 memorial_card_038 memorial_card_039 memorial_card_040 memorial_card_043 memorial_card_046 memorial_card_048


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